Skateboarding In A Flexfit Cap – For The Young And Old

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Skateboarding is regarded as a young person’s sport, but there are many older people that still enjoy the hobby.

The 1970s witnessed a resurgence of skateboarding. Skateboards had been around since the 1940s, but in the 1970s, skateboard wheels made from polyurethane were developed that increased the speed and performance of the boards.

With the popularity for skateboarding came the skateboard fashion of loose baggy T-shirts and trousers and the wearing of baseball hats. Yupoong has been making Flexfit caps for over 40 years that skaters love wearing.

Speaking to, designer and photographer Dave Snyder explained that he skateboarded in the ‘90s, and it was an activity his parents disapproved of. He carried on skating and developed creative skills by photographing himself skateboarding and processing the images in Photoshop, then showcasing his pictures on a website. This eventually led to him being the chief creative director at Firstborn, an agency specialising in developing sportswear brands. Instead of skateboarding being a waste of time as his parents thought, it led to a well-paid career.

Dave still loves skateboarding and proudly wears his baseball hat when interviewed about his career. He has a few scars that are a testament to many years in the sport.

The great thing about Yupoong hats is that they suit old and young people alike, and of course, you don’t have to skateboard to wear a Flexfit Hat. Whether you choose the Yupoong dad hat, Snapback, Flexfit Delta or camo, your age will not affect how well you look in your hat.

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